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I was fascinated by space since I was a little kid. In april 2021 I started my journey as amateur astronomer. Since then I performed lots of observations of various celestial objects like planets, star clusters, nebulae or galaxies. I decided to create this page as personal log of objects I already had the pleasure to see through my telescopes.
My usual places are west or east coast of Kralova water reservoir because it is relatively remote and has quite low light pollution. If light pollution is not an issue (planetary / moon observations) I watch directly from balcony of my home, which is comfortable and no time consuming logistic is necessary. I use altazimuth mount so I manually navigate the telescope through the sky. I really enjoy this because it is a challenge to find some dim objects without aed tracking device. Of course this would be very difficult without a map so i use SkySafari mobile app, which is really awesome and provides lots of useful infos and descriptions. Before observing session it is important to know not only cloudiness but the overall sky condition. Meteoblue website provides great info for astronomy seeing.
Skywatcher Explorer 130
Optical system: Newton
Type: Deep space objects
Aperture: 130mm
Focal length: 650mm
F-ratio: F/5
Skywatcher Skymax 127
Optical system: Maksutov-Cassegrain
Type: Planetary, photo
Aperture: 127mm
Focal length: 1500mm
F-ratio: F/11.8
Mount: AZ Pronto (Altazimuth), Eyepieces (1.25"): 32mm, 25mm, 20mm, 10mm, 3.2mm, Barlow: 2x, Filters: Moon 12.5%, Moon & SkyGlow (light blue), Solar filter, 7 color filters, Finderscope: Red dot, Adapters: Star diagonal 90°, Amici prism 45°, T2 ring for Cannon DSLR


List of observed objects within our solar system.
Object name Object type Fav.
Sun Star
Sun spots Reduced temperature regions
Luna / Moon Moon of Earth
Moon craters Terrain structures
Mercury Planet
Venus Planet
Mars Planet
Polar caps of Mars Frozen regions on Mars
Ceres Dwarf planet
Pallas Asteroid
Jupiter Planet
Great Red Spot Storm system on Jupiter
Callisto Moon of Jupiter
Io Moon of Jupiter
Europa Moon of Jupiter
Ganymede Moon of Jupiter
Solar eclipses on Jupiter Moon shadows on Jupiter surface
Saturn Planet
Saturn Ring System A ring and B ring system with surface shadows
Cassini Division Gap between A and B ring of Saturn
Titan Moon of Saturn
Uranus Planet
Neptune Planet
C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) Comet
C/2022 E3 (ZTF) Comet
C/2020 V2 (ZTF) Comet
ISS International Space Station
Satelites Various unresolved satelites


My goal is to shoot collection of Moon photos in different lunar phases and hopefully create animation of Moon cycle. I am working on this project since september 2022, unfortunatelly the weather condition does not allow me to continually take photos of Moon on daily basis. Photos are taken with Cannon 700D mounted on Skywatcher Skymax 127, focal length 1500mm, ISO 200 and 1/125 exposure time. Current progress of photography:


List of observed objects from Mesier catalogue. The catalogue was published by Charles Messier in 1774 and contains 110 deep space objects (DSO).
Num. Common name Object type Constellation Mag. Fav.
M1 Crab Nebula Supernova Remnant Taurus 8.4
M2 -/- Globular Cluster Aquarius 6.5
M3 -/- Globular Cluster Canes Venatici 6.2
M4 Spider Globular Globular Cluster Scorpius 5.6
M5 Rose Cluster Globular Cluster Serpens 5.6
M6 Butterfly Cluster Open Cluster Scorpius 4.2
M7 Ptolemy´s Cluster Open Cluster Scorpius 3.3
M8 Lagoon Nebula Nebula With Cluster Sagittarius 4.6
M9 -/- Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 7.7
M10 -/- Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 6.6
M11 Wild Duck Cluster Open Cluster Scutum 5.8
M12 -/- Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 6.7
M13 Great Hercules Cluster Globular Cluster Hercules 5.8
M14 -/- Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 7.6
M15 Great Pegasus Cluster Globular Cluster Pegasus 6.2
M16 Eagle Nebula Nebula With Cluster Serpens 6.4
M17 Omega Swan Nebula With Cluster Sagittarius 6.0
M18 Black Swan Cluster Open Cluster Sagittarius 7.5
M19 -/- Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 6.8
M20 Trifid Nebula Nebula With Cluster Sagittarius 6.3
M21 Webb´s Cross Cluster Open Cluster Sagittarius 6.5
M22 Great Sagittarius Cluster Globular Cluster Sagittarius 5.1
M23 -/- Open Cluster Sagittarius 5.5
M24 Small Sagittarius Star Cloud Milky Way Star Cloud Sagittarius 2.5
M25 -/- Open Cluster Sagittarius 4.6
M26 -/- Open Cluster Scutum 8.0
M27 Dumbbell Nebula Planetary Nebula Vulpecula 7.4
M28 -/- Globular Cluster Sagittarius 6.8
M29 Cooling Tower Open Cluster Cygnus 7.1
M30 Jellyfish Cluster Globular Cluster Capricornus 7.2
M31 Andromeda Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Andromeda 3.4
M32 Andromeda Satellite #1 Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy Andromeda 8.1
M33 Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Triangulum 5.7
M34 Spiral Cluster Open Cluster Perseus 5.5
M35 Shoe-Buckle Cluster Open Cluster Gemini 5.3
M36 Pinwheel Cluster Open Cluster Auriga 6.3
M37 Salt and Pepper Cluster Open Cluster Auriga 6.2
M38 Starfish Cluster Open Cluster Auriga 7.4
M39 -/- Open Cluster Cygnus 4.6
M40 Winnecke-4 Star system Ursa Major 8.4
M41 Little Beehive Cluster Open Cluster Canis Major 4.5
M42 Great Orion Nebula Region Nebula Orion 4.0
M43 De Mairan´s Nebula Region Nebula Orion 9.0
M44 Beehive Cluster Open Cluster Cancer 3.7
M45 Pleiades Open Cluster Taurus 1.6
M46 -/- Open Cluster Puppis 6.0
M47 -/- Open Cluster Puppis 4.4
M48 -/- Open Cluster Hydra 5.5
M49 -/- Elliptical Galaxy Virgo 8.4
M50 Heart-Shaped Cluster Open Cluster Monoceros 5.9
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 8.4
M52 Scorpion Cluster Open Cluster Cassiopeia 7.3
M53 -/- Globular Cluster Coma Berenices 7.6
M54 -/- Globular Cluster Sagittarius 7.6
M55 Specter Cluster Globular Cluster Sagittarius 6.3
M56 -/- Globular Cluster Lyra 8.3
M57 Ring Nebula Planetary Nebula Lyra 8.8
M58 -/- Barred Spiral Galaxy Virgo 9.7
M59 -/- Elliptical Galaxy Virgo 9.6
M60 -/- Elliptical Galaxy Virgo 8.8
M61 Swelling Spiral Spiral Galaxy Virgo 9.7
M62 Flickering Globular Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 6.5
M63 Sunflower Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 8.6
M64 Black Eye Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 8.5
M65 Leo Triplet Barred spiral Galaxy Leo 9.3
M66 Leo Triplet Barred spiral Galaxy Leo 8.9
M67 King Cobra Cluster Open Cluster Cancer 6.1
M68 -/- Globular Cluster Hydra 7.8
M69 -/- Globular Cluster Sagittarius 7.6
M70 -/- Globular Cluster Sagittarius 7.9
M71 Angelfish Cluster Globular Cluster Sagitta 8.2
M72 -/- Globular Cluster Aquarius 9.3
M73 -/- Asterism Aquarius 9.0
M74 Phantom Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Pisces 9.4
M75 -/- Globular Cluster Sagittarius 8.5
M76 Little Dumbbell Nebula Planetary Nebula Perseus 10.1
M77 Squid Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Cetus 8.9
M78 Ghost Nebula Diffuse Nebula Orion 8.3
M79 -/- Globular Cluster Lepus 7.7
M80 -/- Globular Cluster Scorpius 7.3
M81 Bode´s Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Ursa Major 6.9
M82 Cigar Galaxy Starburst Galaxy Ursa Major 8.4
M83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy Barred spiral Galaxy Hydra 7.6
M84 -/- Lenticular Galaxy Virgo 9.1
M85 -/- Lenticular Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.1
M86 -/- Lenticular Galaxy Virgo 8.9
M87 Virgo A Eliptical Galaxy Virgo 8.6
M88 -/- Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.6
M89 -/- Elliptical Galaxy Virgo 9.8
M90 -/- Spiral Galaxy Virgo 9.5
M91 -/- Barred spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 10.2
M92 -/- Globular Cluster Hercules 6.4
M93 Critter Cluster Open Cluster Puppis 6.0
M94 Cat´s Eye Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 8.2
M95 -/- Barred spiral Galaxy Leo 9.7
M96 -/- Spiral Galaxy Leo 9.2
M97 Owl Nebula Planetary Nebula Ursa Major 9.9
M98 -/- Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 10.1
M99 St. Catherine´s Wheel Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.9
M100 Mirror Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.3
M101 Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Ursa Major 7.9
M102 Spindle Galaxy Lenticular Galaxy Draco 9.9
M103 -/- Open Cluster Cassiopeia 7.4
M104 Sombrero Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Virgo 8.0
M105 -/- Elliptical Galaxy Leo 9.3
M106 -/- Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 8.4
M107 Crucifix Cluster Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 7.9
M108 Surfboard Galaxy Barred spiral Galaxy Ursa Major 10.0
M109 Vacuum Cleaner Galaxy Barred spiral Galaxy Ursa Major 9.8
M110 Edward Young Star Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy Andromeda 8.5


List of observed objects from different catalogues.
Name Object type Constellation Mag. Fav.
SN 2023ixf Supernova in M101 Ursa Major ≈11.0
NGC 147 Galaxy Cassiopeia 9.5
NGC 185 Galaxy Cassiopeia 9.2
NGC 188 Open Cluster Cepheus 8.1
NGC 457 Open Cluster Cassiopeia 6.4
NGC 559 Open Cluster Cassiopeia 9.5
NGC 663 Open Cluster Cassiopeia 7.1
NGC 752 Open Cluster Andromeda 5.7
NGC 869 Open Cluster Perseus 5.3
NGC 884 Open Cluster Perseus 6.1
NGC 2244 Cluster With Nebula Monoceros 4.8
NGC 2360 Open Cluster Canis Major 7.2
NGC 2362 Open Cluster Canis Major 4.1
NGC 4236 Galaxy Draco 9.6
NGC 4449 Galaxy Canes Venatici 9.6
NGC 4559 Galaxy Compass 10.0
NGC 4565 Galaxy Compass 9.6
NGC 4631 Galaxy Canes Venatici 9.2
NGC 5005 Galaxy Canes Venatici 9.8
NGC 6826 Planetary Nebula Cygnus 8.8
NGC 6885 Open Cluster Vulpecula 8.1
NGC 6946 Galaxy Cepheus 8.8
NGC 6960 Supernova Remnant Cygnus 7.0
NGC 6995 Supernova Remnant Cygnus 7.0
NGC 7000 Nebula Cygnus 4.0
NGC 7009 Planetary Nebula Aquarius 8.3
NGC 7023 Cluster With Nebula Cepheus 7.1
NGC 7243 Open Cluster Lacerta 6.4
NGC 7662 Planetary Nebula Andromeda 8.6
NGC 7790 Open Cluster Cassiopeia 8.5
IC 5146 Cluster With Nebula Cygnus 10.0
C 41 Open Cluster Taurus 0.5


I am looking forward to working with you and designing the best visual of your project!

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